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Audi created an issue

Players using hack with changing of spell cooldowns, instant spell they cast 5x/sec. Ignoring global cd. I think about serverside checking, not from client side.

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  1. Zaffy

    What revision?
    Any custom changes affecting spells?
    Could you give us an example of such spell?
    Don't you know the cheat software's name?

  2. Audi reporter

    This core, last revision. I added custom patch from this repo about custom cooldowns and tried it, but not working for this hack.

    GCD Hack is it and Maelstorm hack. They can edit spells, they can remove CD and working on stealth in combat. They use stealth in combat using this hack too.

  3. Audi reporter

    Example - all bolts, all spells can be changed for instant. Hackers casting spells without global 1s cd

  4. Audi reporter

    For example priest instant heal - Circle of Healing - can be casted faster than 1x/sec about 2-5x / sec

  5. Audi reporter

    :-) i fixed it by changing commit back, which i spammed

    I think this commit created this hack, after reverse of this, I cant reproduce hack.

  6. Zaffy
    • changed status to open

    This issue is not resolved. Reverting that commit might be a possible hotfix but not a solution because there are spells with GCD different from 1s.

    Also there are some other factors which also alter GCD.

    Please don't mark issues as resolved unless we have already pushed a commit that resolves particular issue.

  7. Zaffy

    I finally pushed the hotfix. Still note that it is not a solution - but will work for now. Sorry about the timing I don't have much time these days. Also please leave this issue open as it needs a better solution for this because there really are spells with different GCD than 1s.

  8. LordUsagi

    I'm in the works of a global cooldown rewrite which might solve this issue. Thanks for the data posted, you can safely remove the links now.

  9. Audi reporter

    Man this is not only problem of CD, this hack which i posted is editing of client files, they have patch for edit of dbc files. They ignore global cd and with this hack ignoring combat, rogue can use stealth in combat and other problems of editing dbcs. I think about serverside checking of dbcs, but it will be more cpu usage for core.

  10. Zaffy

    That stealth/change whatever OOC spell exploit is related to changing attributes not cooldown but in the end its the same - editing dbc files.

    GCD was already fixed, and now in 4b7b2d4 are fixed also OOC spells, finally.

  11. Audi reporter

    I think normal stealth,(not vanish), normal stealth vhich normally cant be used in combat. Or i have different hack for it.

  12. Audi reporter

    Normal stealth is still by this cheat usable in Combat, i know spell Vanish, but normal stealth can be used repeatly in combat... this is very cool hack for rogues to arenas.. they cant be killed.

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