Bugging instances when changed leader in raid

Issue #613 closed
Audi created an issue

I found problem when 2 raids are in same instance... someone says that it was created by changing leader in instance.

I found fix from trinitycore

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  1. Zaffy

    Interesting... I have my theory how this was made:

    • first raid goes to dungeon
    • sedond raid goes to dungeon
    • someone leaves from second raid and gets invited to the first one
    • now when he gets the Leader all the first group gets bound to the second instance

    but i'm not sure, unconfirmed...

  2. Audi reporter

    I think too. Leaving from raid and join to seccond and getting Leader.

    I think about changing binding to groups not to leaders. It could remove this exploit. But only for raids and groups.

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