Presence of Mind

Issue #65 resolved
Former user created an issue

Can be used for 2 spells if spammed fast. Like: /cast presence of mind /cast pyroblast

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  1. Jean-Marc

    u can add an "custom" cooldown to Pyroblast in the database.

    or try spell_linked_spells

    spell_trigger = pyroblast spell_effect = -presence of mind (u need the minus infront of the entry)

  2. d3mogorgon

    is not the way to fix it. If you fix pyroblast then you have again the problem with fireball, frostbolt, any spell.

    If you noticed the PoM buff will expire when the spell hit the target. If we give the PoM buff the way to expire when you cast the spell the problem is gone.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    Well correct me if I'm wrong but I thing because you write this in a macro you can press the Pyro button that fast that present of mind isn't removed until you cast the second pyro because whene you casts the first it's added to the deletlist and is removed on next update, isn't it? So there is a little delay between first Cast and remove of the buff..

  4. Former user Account Deleted

    Hey, can someone pleas tell me where in the source the Auras are removed when the player uses the spells the auras modify? I mean if you cast a spell that needs a casttime less than 10sec Presence of Mind is removed or a shamans or druids insteand is removed after casts. Greetz :>

  5. Former user Account Deleted

    Well i think i wrote it a little bit wrong. What I search is where the server decides that he has to remove the auras when the player casts the specific spell. I mean there is no effect on the spell that sais remove Presence of Mind and in the linked spell table isn't an entry neither.

  6. Former user Account Deleted

    Thats the thing that was pointed out in the some posts ago. Aura comes to a remove list and is removed on next aura update. But Second Pyro is casted earlier than next aura update.

  7. d3mogorgon

    useless to put a small cooldown on pyro . U can do it with fireball then, or frostbolt, or any spell.

  8. Former user Account Deleted

    Well what if we integrade a little Boolean to any aura, like IsInRemoveList. When we put Aura to remove List we set this to True. Then we just have to check on all Aura checks for modification !IsInRemoveList so Core Ignores these Auras.

  9. Henry Henderson

    After testing, not sure if anyone has noticed this but the problem is simply that Presence of Mind doesn't instantly remove after casting any "Mage" spell that makes it instant-cast. It has some like 3-second duration which during that time allows the player to cast multiple Mage spells, which typically is Pyroblast.

  10. Edgars Baduns

    Highly doubt it. This commit adds gcd check, but the double or even triple presence of mind goes like this:

    1. Cast Presence of Mind
    2. Cast Pyroblast
    3. GCD passes, spell is still in air
    4. Cast 2nd Pyroblast
    5. Presence of Mind gets removed, when spell hits the target
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