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Flywithme created an issue

All spells which should attribute SPELL_ATTR_EX3_CANT_MISS 0x00040000 (Spell should always hit its target) - now might miss.

I think it happened after correction miss https://bitbucket.org/oregon/oregoncore/commits/286318cc569460449de2fb14dc3c6f6edb56e7fa

For example spell: http://tbc.wowroad.info/?spell=10308 - This spell has such attribute

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  1. Zaffy

    How do you know it has ?
    Spell 10308: Hammer of Justice

    Attributes: ........ 0x50000
    AttributesEx: .... 0x40000
    AttributesEx2: .. 0x00000
    AttributesEx3: 0x00000
    AttributesEx4:... 0x00000
    AttributesEx5 ... 0x00000

    That spell doesn't have that attribute.

  2. Flywithme reporter

    I am sorry I was wrong.

    I Had to look at AttributesEx3 I looked at that attribute and decided AttributesEx. I was wrong

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