[Bug] logout during fight

Issue #72 resolved
pdx15 NA created an issue

Players can do logout during fight with bosses through alt+f4
Using this bug they revive players

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  1. niyo

    thats no bug, you can do this at the official servers too, but on retail you get infight after you login again, that does not happen

    so we have to make players infight again after they relog in a boss fight

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    Well what about a little Infight system? So you can integrate into script a call of an infight timer for each boss and every 5 Seconds all players in the instance are set in combat.

    Another idea would be that - maybee there is a part of code that fit for all cases - we check if any member of the players group is in fight with a creature that have got boss flag or id set flag, if yes we set the player in combat with the creature. The following cases should be handled => Relocate after teleport, rezz and login, other cases have not to be checked i think.

  3. Audi

    I cant confirm.

    Tested, i know this bug, this bug was on older revisions. Tank dies, after boss change agro to seccond tank, died tank type ALT+F4 and log into raid and without teleport was ressurected in front of boss.

    Now this is fixed, all dead players using ALT+F4 are teleported to graveyard.

  4. LordUsagi

    The way to do this is like. 2 people. Get into a boss fight. Alt F4 on one
    char and log back in. You'll be OOC.

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