Issue #79 resolved
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You're not allowed to set negative values for GMs.

Like, .server plimit -2 would make only Game Masters able to access the server but it simply ignores that and lets everyone still in.

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  1. darion

    To allow only Game Masters access to your server set AllowedSecurityLevel in your realmlist table to 2 or higher.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    But the plimit command is important, because it will kick every account/player that is below the level. And it seems that the plimit command doesn't work at all.

  3. Former user Account Deleted

    The person above me is right, the command is very important. Especially to admins who do not have database access, and to those who do it's very annoying to have to go all the way into the database to change that. Look at MaNGOS' code, their's works this way and might provide some help.

    However, the person above me is wrong about the kicking part, it does not kick online players who already made it in, it just sets the security level and doesn't allow anyone else in. Trust me, done it many, many, many times on MaNGOS.

    Also it might be broken, I know on Trinity 3.3.2 it is completely broken at the moment so it might need looking into.

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