[Bug] Conjured items

Issue #846 resolved
Eskmio NA created an issue

Warlock Healthstones and Mage Mana Gems can be instantly used 2 times avoiding the cooldown;

just use this simple macro:

/use %healthstone_name_rank_n%

/use %healthstone_name_rank_n-1%

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  1. LordUsagi

    I'll wait for Zaffy to test and see if he can reproduce. I assume you're trying on a locally hosted machine so there is no lag between your client/server.

  2. LordUsagi

    Thanks for the video. It helped me follow step by step exactly what you were doing.

    But... I still can't reproduce :P So Zaffy needs to speak up.

    I get interrupted message, and then i have Master healthstone but lose Major

  3. Eskmio NA reporter

    How come in the video soul shards are stacking?

    UPDATE item_template SET stackable = 250 WHERE entry = 6265
  4. Zaffy

    Please be patient. I don't have requirements to fix this. I mean the mouse with double-click button. I may found one at the weekend when I return home.

  5. Zaffy

    Fix #846

    For some reason the cooldown is only handled at client since dbcs doesn't contain cooldown data we use.

    The only thing I could find they have in common is the Category - 30.

    These spells have 2min shared cooldown, But the time doesn't seem to be in dbcs. I have really no idea from where client gets the data.

    This will look very hacky, I'm sorry, but I don't see any better solution at the moment. We need to overwrite some dbc data anyway.

    → <<cset 524925e8df69>>

  6. Eskmio NA reporter

    After this commit I've noticed the following bug: When you reset the cooldown using .cooldown or in a duel - the cooldown is reset in these items only visually, but the items still can not be used, only after 2 minutes.

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