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If you flag a creature with a flag of 128 they are supposed to be completely invisible to players, but not GMs -- GMs can see them.

However players can see them but not click on them, you'll see them without a name above their head too. They also make a sound if you click on them like the "Greetings", etc.

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  1. Rade Narancic

    Cannot confirm, but he's talking about 'flag_extra' field in'creature_template' I guess (because that's where you define if creature is invisible via flag 128)

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    An update, this is still happening and for some NPCs with this flag if they have equip_temple set for them they display their weapons/sheilds but not their body(only for some NPCs) and then if you turn GM mode on or off this doesn't affect how you view them(should disappear as soon as GM mode is off) but you have to leave the area and then come back.

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