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Problem occurs in both Windows & Linux. After a certain period of time of the server being up, when you right click and NPC it will produce a WoW Error message. However, after a while it can also make your entire WoW client crash and the problem is unfixable until you restart the entire server. This happens to EVERYONE on the server when the interact with the NPC, not just certain people.

Screenshot of WoW Error: http://i42.tinypic.com/i69ytx.png

It's always this same error, the "cmath.cpp" error.

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  1. murki

    When players had this problem on my server, i just remade the vendor and it was ok. Give that a try and report back.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    That has nothing to do with it, as I have said this is every NPC and does NOT limit it to only vendor. This includes NPCs that just have gossip, quest, banker, vendor, etc. It doesn't matter what they are but if you can interact with them this will happen.

  3. davevmb repo owner

    my setup runs 2 days now without restarting and i don't have this bug. Do you have custom add-ons? maybe this depends on how many users there are online.

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