Fel Reavers, No Thanks! (10855)

Issue #933 resolved
bewtihozzy created an issue

Fel Reavers, No Thanks! (10855) Obtain 5 Condensed Nether Gas from Gan'arg Mekgineers at Forge Base: Oblivion, northwest of the Stormspire, and load them into a nearby Inactive Fel Reaver

bug: When i load the gas into a nearby Inactive Fel Reaver it shows Quest complete but in the quest log its not completed.

More info here: video

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  1. Selphius

    Aaaannndddd another fix:

    #define QUEST_FEL_REAVER_NO_THANKS 10855
    #define INACTIVE_TEXT "Inactive Fel Reaver begins to sputter as it's engine malfunctions."
    //Keep in mind that is is only a temporary solution, it will complete the quest, but not the way it should. Also there seems to be some sort of visual problem -> quest does complete but in quest log it isn't shown that it is completed.
    bool ChooseReward_npc_inactive_fel_reaver(Player* pPlayer, Creature* pCreature, const Quest* pQuest, uint32 /*item*/)
        if (pQuest->GetQuestId() == QUEST_NETHER_GAS_IN_FEL_FIRE_ENGINE)
            pCreature->MonsterTextEmote(INACTIVE_TEXT, 0, false);
        return true;
    newscript = new Script;
        newscript->Name = "npc_inactive_fel_reaver";
        newscript->pChooseReward = &ChooseReward_npc_inactive_fel_reaver;
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