Standards and Practices (9910)

Issue #937 resolved
bewtihozzy created an issue

Standards and Practices (9910) Elkay'gan the Mystic at Garadar in Nagrand wants you to use the Mag'har Battle Standard at the First Burning Blade Pyre, Second Burning Blade Pyre, and Third Burning Blade Pyre

bug: 2nd and 3rd are bugged. Standing right next to it and says "Requires Burning Blade pyre in Burning Blade Ruins."

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  1. job bais

    i still get the error that target is not in line of sight, so it fails, even with the case 32205: // Place Burning Blade spellInfo->AttributesEx2 |= SPELL_ATTR_EX2_IGNORE_LOS;

    so i think that the core function of this fix is not working, tried it also with .cast 32205 same result.

  2. Selphius

    Did you implemented it in good place in SpellMgr.cpp? Also did you update your mysql db from the second link?

    I did those steps, and it does work for me perfect. I implemented it in October when I was fixing Nagrand, so I don't remember if I changed something but as far as I know I didn't change anything.

  3. job bais

    Yes i did implemented it.

    ase 41357: // L1 Acane Charge
            case 41376: // Spite
            case 39992: // Needle Spine
            case 29576: // Multi-Shot
            case 37790: // Spread Shot
            case 45248: // Shadow Blades
            case 41303: // Soul Drain
                spellInfo->MaxAffectedTargets = 3;
            case 38310: // Multi-Shot
                spellInfo->MaxAffectedTargets = 4;
            case 32205: // Place Burning Blade 
                    spellInfo->AttributesEx2 |= SPELL_ATTR_EX2_IGNORE_LOS;
            case 42005: // Bloodboil
            case 38296: // Spitfire Totem
            case 37676: // Insidious Whisper
            case 46008: // Negative Energy
            case 45641: // Fire Bloom
            case 5484:  // Howl Of Terror
            case 46771: // Flame Sear
                spellInfo->MaxAffectedTargets = 5;
            case 15286: // Vampiric Embrace
            case 34914: // Vampiric Touch

    the c++ part and the sql part Schermafbeelding 2015-11-24 om 16.10.08.png

  4. Selphius

    Hard to tell then, seems like you have exactly like I have but in my case it does work like it should. Look:



    Try to check if the triggers are in the middle of the bonfires who the spell does target and who give the quest credit. Maybe you have them deleted or something. They aren't visible until you teleport to the bonfire or know their name to type /target name

  5. LordUsagi

    Dikke Duer, are you using a GM account? I can see Selphius is and I'm wondering if this is why it's working for him and not you. If that's the case then the fix is incorrect.

  6. Selphius

    Created new account, without GM priviledges. Added quest to him from GM char and went to test. Script did work for normal account too, so there is no problems.

    Also thanks to this script I managed to fix other LoS problems like for the quest.

    case 32205: // Place Burning Blade Pyre
                spellInfo->AttributesEx2 |= SPELL_ATTR_EX2_IGNORE_LOS;
            case 38736: // Use Rod of Purification
                spellInfo->AttributesEx2 |= SPELL_ATTR_EX2_IGNORE_LOS;

    Use Rod of Purification

  7. job bais

    guys i dont know what to say, maybe my server is being acting weird and shit.. i think SOME instance of world was still running ( old one ) since i closed everything down restarted without restarter and only started the new world it was working, closed it, restarting it with restarter and also works.. so now we know... it works... djeez :P

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