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niyo created an issue

The script_texts entries for the alterac bosses are missing

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  1. Avoid

    Okay, Dave is currently testing the scripts, I applied. Are they working fine, expect the strings?


  2. niyo reporter

    Hm just made some quick tests if they are working and it looked nice. I don't noticed any bugs

  3. Avoid
    • changed status to new


    1. define YELL_AGGRO -2100019 Begone, uncouth scum! The Alliance shall prevail in Alterac Valley!
    2. define YELL_EVADE -2100020 Filthy Frostwolf cowards! If you want a fight, you'll have to come to me!


    1. define YELL_AGGRO -2100021 Die! Your kind has no place in Alterac Valley!
    2. define YELL_EVADE -2100022 I'll never fall for that, fool! If you want a battle it will be on my terms and in my lair!


    1. define YELL_AGGRO -2100008 Soldiers of Stormpike, your General is under attack! I require aid! Come! Come! Slay these mangy Frostwolf dogs.
    2. define YELL_EVADE -2100009 You'll never get me out of me bunker, heathens!
    3. define YELL_RANDOM1 -2100012 I will tell you this much...Alterac Valley will be ours.
    4. define YELL_RANDOM2 -2100013 Why don't ya try again without yer cheap tactics, pansies! Or are you too chicken?
    5. define YELL_RANDOM3 -2100014 Your attacks are weak! Go practice on some rabbits and come back when you're stronger.
    6. define YELL_RANDOM4 -2100015 We will not be swayed from our mission!
    7. define YELL_RANDOM5 -2100016 It'll take more than you rabble to bring me down!
    8. define YELL_RANDOM6 -2100017 We, the Alliance, will prevail!
    9. define YELL_RANDOM7 -2100018 Is that the best you can do?


    1. define YELL_AGGRO -2100000 Stormpike filth! In my keep?! Slay them all!
    2. define YELL_EVADE -2100001 You seek to draw the General of the Frostwolf legion out from his fortress? PREPOSTEROUS!
    3. define YELL_RANDOM1 -2100003 Your attacks are slowed by the cold, I think!
    4. define YELL_RANDOM2 -2100004 Today, you will meet your ancestors!
    5. define YELL_RANDOM3 -2100005 If you will not leave Alterac Valley on your own, then the Frostwolves will force you out!
    6. define YELL_RANDOM4 -2100006 You cannot defeat the Frostwolf clan!
    7. define YELL_RANDOM5 -2100007 You are no match for the strength of the Horde!

    That's all I could find. Cu.

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