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Issue #976 resolved
Audi created an issue

If you log off char, party is not get info about offline player. you will still see players hp and mana. That player is off...

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  1. Audi reporter

    Log off - working fine, logging off will remove char from group

    Alt+f4 and .kick - is bugged, player is still in group and other group players see his hp, mana, buffs (but player is offline, may be marked as offline)

  2. Zaffy

    There's timeout for this, it expires in time or when player logs back in.... Still we need to send info about disconnect.

  3. Zaffy

    Notify of offline players almost as soon as possible, resolves #976

    • remove redundant timeout for worldsession, we handle recent disconnects in World::m_disconnects
    • move UpdateGroup to player's "destructor" as it needs to be called when player is not in map and ObjectMgr referenced anymore
    • little cleanup

    → <<cset 71ba3e5b14e3>>

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