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Issue #978 resolved
bewtihozzy created an issue

i've reported this once here and it was supposed to be resolved but people still getting kicked out of their group...Like they were doing some dungeons and server went offline for some reason....when it came back up every1 was out of their group and in different dungeons + whole dungeon restarted

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  1. bewtihozzy reporter

    well actually i have no idea ... it was stuck in "connected" and then it just DC'd. probably a crash

  2. desteny

    if the player save intervall in config is to low it could be hat no data is stored, this is for group, instance and so on.

    if you host public servers i suggest to lower the intervall to 1 or 2 minutes dipends on your server performance and load.

    if you select 2 mins the maximum possible rollback on crash are 2 mins, if you have 15 mins its a lot!

  3. bewtihozzy reporter

    we've set the player save intervall to 2 minutes and still happens.... when server goes offline... or player gets DC ... party will disband...

    ex: A party of 5 members doing some random dungeon....Admin needs to restart the server to apply some updates or whatever....when server comes back up...that party no longer exists and all the players on it get ported out of the dungeon...

  4. Zaffy

    This looks like a server freeze. Desteny made some great research on this and commited changes. It should no longer appear. Feel free to reopen.

  5. bewtihozzy reporter

    So i noticed this still happens (on normal dungeons not heroic)

    When the Server gets DC'd (crash or .server restart) , a party that is within a dungeon is disbanded. This means that the party no longer exists and players have to go to regroup again and move to the Dungeon Entrance.

    Also when a player that was in the party wants to relog for some reason or DC from the server, when he comes back online , he is no longer in party. However for the other players that were in the party before, can still see him.

    Conclusion , the dungeon resets and players have to do it all over again :/

  6. desteny

    @Zaffy my changes are affecting freezes, that true, but it seems strange that the party disapears if he has a player save interval of 2 mins, cause noone complains about a reset of 2 mins, i think there must be a bug in instance status storage, nice to know thats only in NH not hero, maybe there is a kind of cleanup on server startup deleting to mich instancedata or even a bug in saving instancedata, this needs a debug,

  7. LordUsagi

    this bug is as old as time itself. Ever since I started using Oregon maybe 4 years ago, non heroics never saved. Heroics did.

  8. desteny

    i can confirm that in older revs (~600) this problem was not existing, maybe its time to take a look...

  9. SteveWonder

    LordUsagi you don't seem to be understanding what they are trying to say, they aren't refering to the fact that normals dont save.

    The problem here is with groups. Party/Raids.

    Now, imagine that im on a party with 5 players doing on a normal dungeon and for some reason i have to alt-f4, what happens, when i log back in is that for the other 4 players all will seem ok, they will see me on the party and everything, but for me it won't cause, i won't be in a party and not in the same instance, this is not a big deal if im not the leader cause, they will just need to kick the fake me and invite me again. But if the person that alt-f4,dcs,etc is the leader well shit just got real, because we will need to do the dungeon all over again.

    And if its a server restart or global dc or something else we will all be out of the party and in different instances, so again we would need to reddo the intire instance.

    This also appens in raids imagin that the raid leader goes dc or something, we need to reddo the hole raid group to have him back, since he was the one who had the lead and for us he is still there but for him theres no raid group anymore.

    Ty, Hope you understand now.

    This is critical.

  10. LordUsagi

    Maybe you can help me out but do they see the fake you running around and killing things? Because I can't reproduce if that's the case.

  11. bewtihozzy reporter

    no, they dont see the fake me running around because it looks like im in another dungeon

  12. LordUsagi

    Well I have a pretty big feeling this is a database related problem, so if you could make sure your admin has applied ALL character database updates. Unless I'm doing something totally wrong to reproduce it, this is the most likely idea.

  13. NagyA

    So, i can explain you. :

    When we enter to the dungeon as PARTY (,BUK5Cu8,jl6WxPc,s0CLQNt#0) everything is okay. But if the leader get Disconnect, or the leader have to relog to the game, the PARTY will disband (,BUK5Cu8,jl6WxPc,s0CLQNt#1). When somebody gets DC, that person gets out the party.

    When we enter the dungeon as RAID (,BUK5Cu8,jl6WxPc,s0CLQNt#2) it's everything okay. But when the leader gets DC, the "party" doesn't disbands (,BUK5Cu8,jl6WxPc,s0CLQNt#3), but when you are in raid in dungeons, you can't complete quests.

    That's all. Hope you understand now.

  14. Zaffy

    Seems to be resolved? You will no longer get out of party. And we can't handle unexpected cases like freezes or crashes so that can't be prevented.

  15. LordUsagi

    This was resolved. If the server goes offline, the expected behavior is that everyone is removed from their group.

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