[Paladin] Spell - Righteous Defense

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Steakz created an issue

Paladin taunt spell: Righteous Defense does not work as intended. The spell does not taunt npc's from the current aggro holder.

Tested on different NPC's.

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  1. job bais

    confirmed: The spell Righteous Defense - (paladin) does not work. When I use it on a mob nothing happens (intended), When used on an allied player, nothing happens: -no debuff placed on mobs -mobs are not taunted -spell goes on cooldown I can target myself (??) and spam cast it, and I see the debuff placed on myself, but again, nothing occurs.

  2. Alan Deutscher

    I have made a branch with my initial fix for this (copied from TrinityCore 3.3.5). Righteous Defense works as a taunt now, but I'm still not entirely happy with the implementation. I mostly had to go off the rails when Spell::EffectTriggerSpell gave me trouble by not running.

    Will continue to work on this next session, but I'm currently working to make it clean. See the comments on the branches first commit for more information.


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