What book? I don't see any book. (10231)

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bewtihozzy created an issue

What book? I don't see any book. (10231)
-Beat Down "Dirty" Larry and Get Information

bug: When u talk to "dirty" Larry nothing happens. btw i think this quest was working before some updates....no idea wich one broke the quest tho...

Video-> here

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  1. job bais

    i have to re-bump this, since it is unfortunatly NOT working.
    when you have the quest and talk to dirty Larry you have 2 options,

    1) quest ( that is incompleted since you need to do that first )

    2) or the second one to start the script.

    Schermafbeelding 2015-08-23 om 22.48.11.png

    now that second part you can click until you are old and grey, it wont start the quest.
    so it is bugged..

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