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django Organice Theme

This is the mother theme of all themes for django-organice. A theme is a simple Django app, which contains a collection of static files (assets) and templates. A Makefile for asset management is also included.

django-organice-theme is composed of:

Official Themes

Here is a list of django Organice themes supported by us:

If you have a nice theme and would like to include it into this list let us know by e-mail or make a pull request on this README file.

Rolling Your Own Theme


  • Visit and find a theme that is as close as it gets of what you want.
  • Go to that theme's repository page, make a copy of the whole project, and rename it (e.g. to mytheme).

Loop until you're happy:

  • Add or adapt the style sheet (.scss), JavaScript (.js), and other files in mytheme/static/.
  • Run make assets in order to compile the Sass files to CSS, and combine and minify both CSS und JavaScript.
  • Adapt the template files in mytheme/templates/, and test the results on your development system.

Download and Contributions

Official repositories: (kept in sync)

  1. GitHub:
  2. GitLab:
  3. Bitbucket:

Getting Help