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Identity Disc / Parts_List

V1 Kit Includes

30 LED (White) datasheet

32 LED (Color of your choice) datasheet checkbox.gif

Arduino Nano 3.0 datasheet with ATmega168 datasheet (changing to ATmega328 datasheet on or after 4/30/2011)

LiPo Battery Balancing Charger datasheet

AC to 12VDC, 1.5-Amp Power Supply datasheet

LiPo 2S 7.4V 200mAh 15C Battery Pack datasheet with LiPo Battery Safety Sheet electronic version

Balancer Charging Extension Cable

DPDT Submini Slide Switch datasheet

15 Arduino Jumper Cables (male to female) (changing to Female Crimp Pins on/after 3/8/2011)

20 AWG wire 10 feet (changed to 22 AWG 10 feet on 3/8/2011) (changed to 24 AWG 4 pairs 6 feet on 4/30/2011)

20 AWG heat shrink tubing (3 feet)

100 ohm resistor

Optional Accessories

checkbox.gif checkbox.gif New Identity Disc checkbox.gif

checkbox.gif checkbox.gif Clear-cast C ring(s) checkbox.gif

checkbox.gif checkbox.gif Clear-cast epoxy blade checkbox.gif

checkbox.gif checkbox.gif USB cable

checkbox.gif Free hexagon fabric sample