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Identity Disc / Post_Removal

Post Removal

Estimated time for completion: 1 hour

1. Remove your disc from the retail package

Unmodded Disc

2. Locate and remove the 6 screws and battery door cover screw. I recommend you store the screws in a plastic ziploc bag so you don't lose them.

Opening Disc

3. Remove the battery door and the 6 batteries.

Removing Batteries

4. The batteries need to be gently pried out using a small slotted screwdriver and properly stored or disposed of.

Batteries Removed

5. Turn the disc over and remove the top half (pry your fingers gently between the blade and the top half).


5a. In the case of Kevin Flynn's disc you will need to set aside some black construction paper pieces at this point.

6. Dislodge the 6 LED's from the plastic blade (blue above). 6a. Remove the plastic blade (blue in this picture) from the back of the disc. 6b. If you are reusing your blade you must cut the flanges off at some point with a box cutter.

7. Remove the 5 screws highlighted and set the plastic switch (pictured in the middle) aside (preferably in a plastic ziploc).

Internal Screws

8. Disconnect the 4 wires at the battery compartment. 8a. Lift up the main PCB so you can cut the tactile switch wires as close as possible. 8b. Remove the tactile switch at the top and cut the two leads as close to the PCB as possible (we will be reusing this switch). 8c. Remove the impact sensor, PCB, speaker, and LEDs as a harness.

Wire Harness

9. Using the cut-off disc, carefully cut each of these flush. Be conscious of where the other end of the cutting disc is at all times. Try to find an angle that leaves you parallel to the disc surface when cutting (sometimes it means removing another post before you can remove the one you picked to tackle). In a few cases this isn't possible you can simply sand it to oblivion. Wearing safety goggles and adequate lighting is a must.

Post Removal

10. This is what the back half of your disc should look like when finished with this article.

Posts Removed