Ollie Rutherfurd committed a542390

implemented south_field_triple()

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         return super(MarkdownField, self).formfield(**defaults)
+    def south_field_triple(self):
+        "Returns a suitable description of this field for South."
+        try:
+            from south.modelsinspector import introspector
+        except ImportError:
+            introspector = lambda self: [], {}
+        args, kwargs = introspector(self)
+        return ('easymarkdown.MarkdownField', args, kwargs)
 # use custom widget by default in the admin
 from django.contrib.admin.options import FORMFIELD_FOR_DBFIELD_DEFAULTS
 FORMFIELD_FOR_DBFIELD_DEFAULTS[MarkdownField] = {'widget': widgets.AdminMarkdownTextareaWidget}
     # replace sourcecode blocks with literal blocks
     return re.sub(r'\.\. sourcecode:: \w+', '::', s.strip())
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