Ollie Rutherfurd avatar Ollie Rutherfurd committed 574f68c

switched rainbow to differnt repo

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 bundle/tlib_vim = [git]git://github.com/tomtom/tlib_vim.git
 bundle/vim-addon-mw-utils = [git]git://github.com/MarcWeber/vim-addon-mw-utils.git
 bundle/snipmate-snippets = [git]git://github.com/honza/snipmate-snippets.git
-bundle/rainbow = https://bitbucket.org/trovao/rainbow.vim
+bundle/rainbow = [git]git://github.com/kien/rainbow_parentheses.vim.git
 bundle/sparkup = [git]git://github.com/sjl/vim-sparkup.git
 bundle/javascript = [git]git://github.com/pangloss/vim-javascript.git
 bundle/indent-object = [git]git://github.com/michaeljsmith/vim-indent-object.git
 78fffa609b3e6b84ef01ee4c9aba6d7435d7b18e bundle/indent-object
 9990a767695c78a44611ce33fb2dbc25c83d8827 bundle/javascript
 12f692f4369526f408e724fa74a0da527ebe2f2f bundle/nerdtree
-2abd94c96fbb3c60d579e1d24f8ebfc517b23a10 bundle/rainbow
+fa3563dda862c1dc46ddac32d8a9f939e9077379 bundle/rainbow
 cdffdd43816ddaeee858ae42da3ab6ddcfa25d19 bundle/repeat
 bf563cc7777ae473901b1d7f5d274f83b6e77630 bundle/snipmate
 0ac27ec1a0bc445b9615e59bc7aa6288d1c23320 bundle/snipmate-snippets
-" wild menu (completion) settings
+" wild menu (completion) settings {{{
 set wildmenu    " enhanced display of completion
 set wildchar=<TAB>
 set wildmode=list:full
 set wildignore=*.pyc,*.class,*~             " python, java, & backup
 set wildignore+=*.diff,*.orig,*.marks       " misc
 set wildignore+=*/.git/*,*/.hg/*,*/.svn/*   " vcs
+set wildignore+=*/env/*                     " python virtualenv
 set wildignore+=*.sw?                       " vim swap files
+" }}}
 let g:netrw_hide=1
 let g:netrw_list_hide='.*\.py[oc]$,.*\.swp$'
 " .git, .hg, .bzr, _darcs
 let g:ctrlp_working_path_mode = 2
+" Rainbow (parens) {{{
+au VimEnter * RainbowParenthesesToggle
+au Syntax * RainbowParenthesesLoadRound
+au Syntax * RainbowParenthesesLoadSquare
+au Syntax * RainbowParenthesesLoadBraces
+" }}}
 set hidden
 nnoremap <F5> :GundoToggle<CR>
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