Ollie Rutherfurd avatar Ollie Rutherfurd committed 9c68a94

glorious more better tab behavior for snipMate!

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 30f6bcc30caf76bc1213f5c3d4001ba5d5fbe7fc bundle/nerdtree
 fa3563dda862c1dc46ddac32d8a9f939e9077379 bundle/rainbow
 cdffdd43816ddaeee858ae42da3ab6ddcfa25d19 bundle/repeat
-bf563cc7777ae473901b1d7f5d274f83b6e77630 bundle/snipmate
-0ac27ec1a0bc445b9615e59bc7aa6288d1c23320 bundle/snipmate-snippets
+7d11d000019f202bae7905bda838517849b1dd3b bundle/snipmate
+1d7a4692c5414811d251aa5596c4ecac01fa2c92 bundle/snipmate-snippets
 c6197a10ace82e0fe0c08e5cf5c017b7069a978e bundle/sparkup
 a08c2d723c68c1da6b4533348161dbf7c13b77c4 bundle/speeddating
 f6c9d3beb2d11959d22b2555636aeb0c37e66aa1 bundle/surround
 " don't want to hear about not having ruby
 let g:LustyExplorerSuppressRubyWarning = 1
+" normal tab behavior if no snippet is matched
+if !exists("g:snipMate")
+  let g:snipMate = {}
+let g:snipMate['no_match_completion_feedkeys_chars'] = "\<tab>"
 " the nearest ancestor that contains one of these directories or files:
 " .git, .hg, .bzr, _darcs
 let g:ctrlp_working_path_mode = 2
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