Ollie Rutherfurd avatar Ollie Rutherfurd committed e6e219a

update rainbow parens revision

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 78fffa609b3e6b84ef01ee4c9aba6d7435d7b18e bundle/indent-object
 9990a767695c78a44611ce33fb2dbc25c83d8827 bundle/javascript
 12f692f4369526f408e724fa74a0da527ebe2f2f bundle/nerdtree
-0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 bundle/rainbow
+2abd94c96fbb3c60d579e1d24f8ebfc517b23a10 bundle/rainbow
 cdffdd43816ddaeee858ae42da3ab6ddcfa25d19 bundle/repeat
 bf563cc7777ae473901b1d7f5d274f83b6e77630 bundle/snipmate
 0ac27ec1a0bc445b9615e59bc7aa6288d1c23320 bundle/snipmate-snippets
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