jason kirtland committed bf8bad5

Remove obsolete .bind references from this unfinished doc section.

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   .. code-block:: html
-    <select form:bind="${form.field.bind}">
+    <select form:bind="${form.field}">
        <option value="b"/>
        <option value="c">label</option>
   .. code-block:: html
     <!-- set or replace the inner *markup* -->
-    <button form:bind="${form.field.bind}"/>
-    <button form:bind="${form.field.bind}" form:auto-value="on">xyz</button>
+    <button form:bind="${form.field}"/>
+    <button form:bind="${form.field}" form:auto-value="on">xyz</button>
     <!-- set the value, retaining the value= style used in the original -->
-    <button form:bind="${form.field.bind}" value="xyz" form:auto-value="on"/>
+    <button form:bind="${form.field}" value="xyz" form:auto-value="on"/>
   <form:with auto-domid="on">
     <fieldset py:with="field=form.field">
-      <label form:bind="${field.bind}">${field.label.x}</label>
+      <label form:bind="${field}">${field.label.x}</label>
       <input type="text" form:bind="${field}" />
   <form:with auto-tabindex="on" tabindex="1">
     <!-- assigns tabindex="1" -->
-    <input type="text" form:bind="${form.field.bind}"/>
+    <input type="text" form:bind="${form.field}"/>
     <!-- leaves existing tabindex in place -->
-    <input type="text" tabindex="-1" form:bind="${form.field.bind}"/>
+    <input type="text" tabindex="-1" form:bind="${form.field}"/>
     <!-- assigns tabindex="2" -->
     <a href="#" form:auto-tabindex="on" />
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