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Would really like a Windows installer for Sendkeys for Python 2.7. Not immediately sure how to install it otherwise.

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  1. Anonymous

    "c:\location\to\python.exe" build "c:\location\to\python.exe" install

    If i remember correctly that how i created it from source. You will need a C compiler, like minGW or Visual Studio. I used MinGW worked fine.

  2. Anonymous

    I was struggling for quite a while trying to get this to work. I'm not a Python expert (I barely qualify as a novice), but the following worked for me:

    -Install MinGW from (make sure, as per their install instructions to setup the path correctly, and during the install select to install MSYS basic).

    -Download the SendKeys source files ( from

    -Extract the contents of the zip file to a folder on your PC (for me I put this folder in C:\Python27\lib\site-packages, I don't know if this was the right place, but that's where I put it).

    -Start a command line session and change to the directory containing the source files.

    -Type: python install build --compiler-mingw32

    (Note that there are two dashes before the word "compiler")

    This will compile and install the SendKeys library for your Python installation.

  3. Anonymous

    Whups, small error, the python command should be:

    python install build --compiler=mingw32

  4. Anonymous

    @anonymous, Thanks a lot for the alternative suggestion. I am trying to complile sendKeys 0.3 source for my python 2.6 installation on windows 7, but the command python install build --compiler=mingw32 compiles a few files and then returns with an exit status 1.

    Any ideas.?

  5. Anonymous

    FYI the installer posted by Charles Duffy requires Python 2.7 to be in the registry, but the Windows installer for Python 2.7.2 doesn't put it there, and there's no obvious way to specify the path manually.

  6. Anonymous

    In reply to the FYI of the previous post: Charles' installer did work correctly on my XP machine, so I would suggest trying his installer before resorting to some of the previously-mentioned methods. It's also worth noting that I previously had the "unable to install vcvarsall.bat" issue and Charles' installer didn't give me any trouble with this.

  7. Anonymous

    Charles' installer worked fine for me too: Windows 7 64bit (though 32 bit install of python... don't ask)

  8. Anonymous

    I was using 32 bit python and SendKey was working. Now I moved to 64 bit Python 2.7.3 and SendKey does't work. Does any one have windows installer for 64bit.

  9. Seppo Yli-Olli

    There are now wheels for 2.7 available on PyPI so running "pip install SendKeys" will install the binary. Python 2.7.9 has ensurepip so you get pip that understands wheels there by default. I'm reluctant to upload the .exe as it looks like based on some testing that the package built cannot be cleanly uninstalled (the wheel can) and you get leftover files. It's also over 10x bigger than the wheel so I don't recommend .exe strategy at all.

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