Add support for MRT (Multiple Render Targets) where available

Issue #39 resolved
created an issue

Should be available for most OpenGL versions (Windows/Linux/OS X) and will be available with OpenGL ES 3.0 for future iOS/Android devices. Modify orxDisplay_SetDestinationBitmap() for that purpose + support it in config with Viewport::TextureList (replacing the old Viewport::Texture).

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  1. iarwain reporter
    • Fixed issue #39: implemented MRT support
    • Added support for MRT in the low-level display code
    • Replaced orxDisplay_SetDestinationBitmap with orxDisplay_SetDestinationBitmaps
    • Added high-level control of MRT via viewport configuration
    • Added 2 specific config values: Display.TextureUnitNumber & Display.DrawBufferNumber to expose some hardware features
    • Updated iOS, Android and GLFW display plugins accordingly
    • Home render plugin will now optionally restore screen as destination after rendering viewports (controlled via orxRENDER_EVENT_STOP return value)
    • Minor comment updates

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