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[1.4.x] Fixed #19208 -- Docs for mod_wsgi daemon mode

Thanks Graham Dumpleton for the patch.

Backport of bc00075 from master.

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File docs/howto/deployment/wsgi/modwsgi.txt

 "Daemon mode" is the recommended mode for running mod_wsgi (on non-Windows
-platforms). See the `official mod_wsgi documentation`_ for details on setting
-up daemon mode. The only change required to the above configuration if you use
-daemon mode is that you can't use ``WSGIPythonPath``; instead you should use
-the ``python-path`` option to ``WSGIDaemonProcess``, for example::
+platforms). To create the required daemon process group and delegate the
+Django instance to run in it, you will need to add appropriate
+``WSGIDaemonProcess`` and ``WSGIProcessGroup`` directives. A further change
+required to the above configuration if you use daemon mode is that you can't
+use ``WSGIPythonPath``; instead you should use the ``python-path`` option to
+``WSGIDaemonProcess``, for example::
     WSGIDaemonProcess python-path=/path/to/
+    WSGIProcessGroup
+See the official mod_wsgi documentation for `details on setting up daemon
+.. _details on setting up daemon mode:
 .. _serving-files: