Chef recipes to install go-docker master and slaves

Cookbook contains recipes for master and slaves. On master, all elements (databases, processes) are installed on a single server. Configuration is using Docker Swarm executor. By default, it makes use of the local authentification plugin, creating a local godocker user (password godocker). Master exports the shared directory to the slaves.

Configuration file is located at: /etc/godocker/go-d.ini

Install chef and cookbooks

Warning: according to system, one may need to use sudo in commands

yum update -y | apt-get update

Install git and curl packages

curl -L | bash -s -- -v 12.6.0
cd /opt
git clone

cd go-docker-chef

Edit chef-repo/.chef/knife.rb and solo.rb files and update cookbook_path to the location where is installed the cloned repository if you did not put the code under /opt.

cd chef-repo


chef-solo -c solo.rb -j godocker-master.json

Web interface will be available on port 6543


After getting master ip address and updating godocker-slave.json with this ip.

chef-solo -c solo.rb -j godocker-slave.json