Murky / Source / HgUncommittedRevision.h

//  HgUncommittedRevision.h
//  Murky
//  Copyright 2008-2009 Jens Alfke. All rights reserved.

#import "HgRevision.h"

/** Represents the uncommitted local modifications in a filesystem repository. */
@interface HgUncommittedRevision : HgRevision

- (id) initWithRepository: (HgRepository*)repository;

@property (copy,nonatomic)  NSString *formattedDescription;     // overridden to be settable

- (BOOL) updatePaths: (NSSet*)paths error: (NSError**)outError;

- (BOOL) addFiles: (NSArray*)files error: (NSError**)outError;
- (BOOL) removeFiles: (NSArray*)files error: (NSError**)outError;
- (BOOL) revertFiles: (NSArray*)files
              backup: (BOOL)backup
               error: (NSError**)outError;

- (BOOL) commitFiles: (NSArray*)files           // nil means to commit everything
             message: (NSString*)message 
               error: (NSError**)error;

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