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Welcome to ChartViz

ChartViz is a jQuery plugin which makes creation of google visualization charts and tables easy. It is primarily used to display data from a remote source.


The following snippet render a basic Bar chart (Column Chart is the Default chart.) using Google Visualization Data produced from the url source.:

chartType: "Bar", datasource: <url>


Google Visualization Settings can also be passed to the plugin as shown in the following snippet:

        chartType: "Column",
        datasource: <url>,
        gvSettings: {
            title: "Example Chart",
            height: 450,
            vAxis: {
                title: "Vertical Axis"
            legend: 'top',
            isStacked: true

The plugin allows customization through events. The following snippets allows users to bind to an event which is triggered just before the chart is drawn:

        alert("About to Draw Chart");