This is a template for flumotion projects.

This template serves as both a template to copy from when writing your own
flumotion project, as well as an example of a functional Flumotion component.

The template project contains a component that allows you to flip a video
stream left/right and up/down.  It can be run installed or uninstalled.

If running uninstalled, you need to set the FLU_PROJECT_PATH environment
variable to point to the directory that contains the template.  Do this for
every program you start up.

You can verify that you've done this correctly and the template is registered
by running "flumotion-inspect sample".
For example, if you're in the top-level directory of flumotion-template, run
  FLU_PROJECT_PATH=`pwd` flumotion-inspect sample

If this produces a lot of output about the component, Flumotion can correctly
find the template project.

After that, you can run (each from a separate terminal):
FLU_PROJECT_PATH=`pwd` flumotion-manager -d 3 conf/planet.xml conf/template.xml

flumotion-worker -d 3 -T tcp -u user -p test

flumotion-admin -d 3
  (Connect to running manager, don't use Secure connection, user/test)

Now connect a client to port 8802, and use the video-flip's admin page to
flip the video.  Bear in mind that due to http buffering, the change takes
some time to take effect.

- pick a project name wrt. to Flumotion; this should be a short name made of
  letters, digits, and possibly (but please avoid) underscores
  e.g. "template", "rtp", ...
  For the rest of this document, we will pretend you chose "myproject".

- all code should go under flumotion/ in the toplevel directory
- flumotion/project/ should be created and generated from;
  Flumotion will scan flumotion.project.* for project names

- put your component in a directory under flumotion/component, preferably
  respecting the directory layout Flumotion uses