Advanced authorization for Orthanc

General Information

This repository contains the source code of an advanced authorization
plugin for Orthanc.

For each incoming REST request to some URI, the plugin will query a
Web service to know whether the access is granted to the
user. Authorization credentials can be retrieved either from a GET
argument, or from a HTTP header.

Installation and usage

Build instructions are similar to that of Orthanc:

Usage details are available as part of the Orthanc Book:


The authorization plugin for Orthanc is licensed under the AGPL license.

We also kindly ask scientific works and clinical studies that make
use of Orthanc to cite Orthanc in their associated publications.
Similarly, we ask open-source and closed-source products that make
use of Orthanc to warn us about this use. You can cite our work
using the following BibTeX entry:

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