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About Trac

Trac is a minimalistic web-based software project management and bug/issue tracking system. It provides an interface to the Subversion revision control systems, an integrated wiki, flexible issue tracking and convenient report facilities.

Trac is distributed using the modified BSD License.

  • For installation instructions, please see the INSTALL. *
  • If you are upgrading from a previous Trac version, please read UPGRADE. *

You might also want to take a look at the RELEASE and ChangeLog files for more information.

Otherwise, the primary source of information is the main Trac web site:


We hope you enjoy it,

/The Trac Team

Recent activity

Odd Simon Simonsen

Commits by Odd Simon Simonsen were pushed to osimons/trac-012

5473a7f - [svn r10892] 0.12.3dev: Always sort report by `__group__` first if present. It was wrong to make group order depend on a user column sort, and ...

Commits by rmorales were pushed to osimons/trac-012

a3790e5 - [svn r10884] 0.12.3dev/l10n/es_AR: translations updated (100%)

Commits by cboos were pushed to osimons/trac-012

edbf2cc - [svn r10877] .gitignore should actually ignore .hg, not .git

Commits by jordi were pushed to osimons/trac-012

e272f05 - [svn r10876] l10n/ca: Updated Catalan translation.

Commits by osimons were pushed to osimons/trac-012

dd04336 - [svn r10875] 0.12.3dev: Fix issues with versioncontrol resource URL generation that should link to /browser + handle revisions. Closes #10466.

Commits by cboos were pushed to osimons/trac-012

ed856f6 - [svn r10873] 0.12.3dev: fix browser autoexpand for non-ascii paths Part of #10121.

Commits by nzoltan were pushed to osimons/trac-012

286c6e0 - [svn r10871] l10n/hu: translation updated

Commits by jomae were pushed to osimons/trac-012

be94625 - [svn r10869] 0.12.3dev: Follow-up to [10864], quotes schema name if the version of `pg_dump` is 8.2+. Related to [8382] and #8502.

Commits by jomae were pushed to osimons/trac-012

2ebf929 - [svn r10867] 0.12.3dev: Adds support for decorating a resource other than ticket and a resource with the parent in a report. Closes #9254 and #10061.
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