osimons  committed db0570c

[svn r9429] FullBlogPlugin: Adding Trac `code.css` stylesheet to all post rendering for correct rendering of inline syntax highlighting.

Fixes #3608. Sorry for the time it took to fix this... :-)

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File 0.11/tracfullblog/

         # Rendering
         add_stylesheet(formatter.req, 'tracfullblog/css/fullblog.css')
+        add_stylesheet(formatter.req, 'common/css/code.css')
         if format == 'inline':
             data = {'heading': heading,

File 0.11/tracfullblog/

             add_ctxtnav(req, 'New Post','create'),
                     title="Create new Blog Post")
         add_stylesheet(req, 'tracfullblog/css/fullblog.css')
+        add_stylesheet(req, 'common/css/code.css')
         data['blog_personal_blog'] = self.env.config.getbool('fullblog',
         return (template, data, None)