Olemis Lang avatar Olemis Lang committed 4f7b4ac

TracRpc: Bug: Problems with `htdocs` after removing jQuery UI.

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 diff --git a/trunk/tracrpc/web_ui.py b/trunk/tracrpc/web_ui.py
 --- a/trunk/tracrpc/web_ui.py
 +++ b/trunk/tracrpc/web_ui.py
-@@ -6,305 +6,142 @@
+@@ -6,305 +6,143 @@
  (c) 2009      ::: www.CodeResort.com - BV Network AS (simon-code@bvnetwork.no)
      # ITemplateProvider
      def get_htdocs_dirs(self):
--        return []
-+        yield ('rpc', resource_filename(__name__, 'htdocs'))
+         return []
++#        yield ('rpc', resource_filename(__name__, 'htdocs'))
      def get_templates_dirs(self):
 -        return [resource_filename(__name__, 'templates')]
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