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Bee (Browser's external editor) is a Google Chrome (Chromium) extension for editing form textarea fields and fields having contenteditable attribute on (e.g. Google+ uses such kind of input field) with an external editor.


This extension relies on a native messaging host written in Python. So Python is required. You'll also need some extra steps described in the following section. Python versions 2 and 3 are both supported.


Linux and OS X

Run the following commands in a terminal:

d=/tmp/chrome-bee; mkdir -p $d; cd $d
wget -q -O - https://bitbucket.org/osmanov/chrome-bee/get/master.tar.gz | tar -xzf - --strip-components 1
sudo ./host/install.sh

Install Bee from the Chrome Web store.1

Chrome will ask for some confirmations. Give your approval, and you're done.


Currently Windows is not supported. Pull requests are welcome though.


To uninstall the native messaging host run the following command in terminal:

sudo ./host/uninstall.sh


Go to Extensions page (chrome://extensions). Click on Bee extension Options. Options page allows to enter a command to launch external editor. Enter some command and close the tab.

Optionally assign custom keyboard shortcut for Bee.2 Default is <Ctrl><Shift>E.


  • Set cursor on some editable area.
  • Invoke the keyboard shortcut.
  • After a moment the text (if any) should appear your editor.
  • Edit the text, save it, then close editor's window.

Now the text in the text area should be updated.


See LICENSE file.


Copyright © 2014 Ruslan Osmanov rrosmanov@gmail.com

  1. The .crx file is also available on the downloads page. 

  2. At the time of writing 'Keyboard shortcuts' button was available at the bottom of the [extensions page][extensions].