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Tiny fixes in package.sh and README.md

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File README.md

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 # Configuration
-Go to [extensions page][extensions]. Click on `Bee` extension `Options`.
+Go to _Extensions_ page (`chrome://extensions`). Click on `Bee` extension `Options`.
 Options page allows to enter a command to launch external editor. Enter some
 command and close the tab.
 - Set cursor on some editable area.
 - Invoke the keyboard shortcut.
 - After a moment the text (if any) should appear your editor.
-- Edit the text, save and close editor's window
+- Edit the text, save it, then close editor's window.
 Now the text in the text area should be updated.
 Copyright © 2014 Ruslan Osmanov <rrosmanov@gmail.com>
-[^1]: The `.crx` files are also available on the [downloads](https://bitbucket.org/osmanov/chrome-bee/downloads) page.
+[^1]: The `.crx` file is also available on the [downloads](https://bitbucket.org/osmanov/chrome-bee/downloads) page.
 [^2]: At the time of writing 'Keyboard shortcuts' button was available at the bottom of the [extensions page][extensions].
-[extensions]: chrome://extensions "Extensions page"

File manifest.json

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 	"manifest_version": 2,
 	"name": "Browser's external editor",
 	"short_name": "Bee",
-	"version": "2.2",
+	"version": "/home/ruslan/projects/chrome-bee",
 	"description": "Allows to edit form text fields with an external editor",
 	"author":"Ruslan Osmanov",
 	"icons": {

File package.sh

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 dir=$(cd $(dirname "$0"); pwd)
 build_dir=$(dirname "$dir")/build
-paths=('google-chrome' 'chromium-browser' 'chromium')
+paths=('google-chrome-stable' 'google-chrome' 'chromium-browser' 'chromium')
 	[ -z "$exe" ] && continue
-if [ -z "$exe" ]
+if [[ "x$exe" == "x" ]]
 	echo >&2 "Chrome executable not found"
 	exit 1