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Ruslan Osmanov 5bd526d 


Currently GNU/Linux platforms supported only.


To download and install ev automatically you need the following commands

# pecl install ev

for stable release(if available), and the following for beta release:

# pecl install ev-beta

If you have the package archive, unpack it and run: 

# pecl install package2.xml

Note, these commands(started with `#') most likely need root priveleges.

libev is embedded in ev. So you don't need to install the library separately.


Checkout the project or download it as archive. In the package directory run: 

$ phpize 
$ ./configure --with-ev
$ make 

Additionally, you may take advantage of the following flags:

--enable-ev-debug         Enable ev internal debugging
--enable-ev-libevent-api  Enable libevent compatibility API support

Optionally test the extension:
$ make test

Do install with root priveleges:
# make install

In php.ini, or some other configuration like
/usr/local/etc/php/conf.d/ev.ini write:


Restart the SAPI server(Apache, PHP-FPM etc.), if any.

vim: tw=80:
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