pecl-ev / tests / 11_watcher_data.phpt

Ruslan Osmanov eb0ded1 

Check for watcher destruction depending on it's data property value
class indicator {
	public $i;
	public function __construct($i) {
		$this->i = $i;
	public function __destruct() {
		echo $this->i;

function test() {
	$loop = new EvLoop();
	$i1 = new indicator(1);
	$i2 = new indicator(2);

	// store data as ref to object
	$t1 = $loop->timer(1, 0, function () {});
	$t1->data = &$i1;

	// store data as object
	$t2 = $loop->timer(1, 0, function () {});
	$t2->data = $i2;

	echo "0";

	$i1     = null;
	$i2     = null;
	$timer  = null;
	$timer2 = null;
	$loop   = null;
	echo "3";

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