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   <summary>Provides interface to libev library</summary>
-  ev is a PECL extension providing inteface to libev library - high performance
+  ev provides inteface to libev library - high performance
   full-featured event loop written in C.
-  <date>2012-12-23</date>
+  <date>2012-12-24</date>
   <!--{{{ Current version -->
     <dir name="/">
       <file role="doc" name="CREDITS"/>
-      <file role="doc" name="INSTALL"/>
+      <file role="doc" name="INSTALL.md"/>
       <file role="doc" name="LICENSE"/>
       <file role="doc" name="README.md"/>
-      <file role="doc" name="TODO"/>
+      <file role="doc" name="TODO.md"/>
       <file role="doc" name="libev/LICENSE"/>
       <file role="doc" name="libev/README"/>
       <file role="src" name="check.c"/>