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   <!--{{{ Current version -->
-    <release>0.1.0</release>
+    <release>0.1.1</release>
     <configureoption default="no" name="enable-ev-debug" prompt="Enable internal debugging in ev"/>
     <configureoption default="yes" name="enable-ev-sockets" prompt="Enable sockets support in ev"/>
+  <!--{{{ changelog-->
+    <!--{{{ 0.1.1 (beta) -->
+    <version>
+      <release>0.1.1</release>
+      <api>0.1.0</api>
+    </version>
+    <stability>
+      <release>beta</release>
+      <api>beta</api>
+    </stability>
+    <license uri="">PHP</license>
+    <notes>
+    Fix: PECL build error
+    </notes>
+    <!--}}}-->
+    <!--{{{ 0.1.0 (beta) -->
     Initial release
+    <!--}}}-->
+  <!--}}}-->
 <!-- vim: set et sts=2 ts=2 sw=2 fdm=marker: -->
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