pecl-ev / tests / 03_ev_loop_props.phpt

Diff from to


 	echo "depth:";            var_dump($l->depth);
-function cb($w, $r) {
-	return FALSE;
 $l                   = EvLoop::defaultLoop();
 $l->data             = "ld";
 $l->io_interval      = 1.1;
 $flags               = Ev::FLAG_NOENV | Ev::FLAG_NOINOTIFY; /* 17825792 */
-$l                   = new EvLoop($flags, "cb", "data", 1.1, 1.2);
+$l                   = new EvLoop($flags, "data", 1.1, 1.2);
 $l->data             = "ld2";
 $l->io_interval      = 2.1;
 $l->timeout_interval = 2.2;
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