pecl-ev / package.xml

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<package xmlns="" xmlns:tasks="" xmlns:xsi="" version="2.0" xsi:schemaLocation="">
  <summary>Provides interface to libev library</summary>
  Ev is a PECL extension providing inteface to libev library - high performance
  full-featured event loop written in C.
    <name>Ruslan Osmanov</name>
  <!--{{{ Current version -->
  <license uri="">PHP</license>
  Initial release
  <!--{{{ Contents -->
    <dir name="/">
      <file role="doc" name="CREDITS"/>
      <file role="doc" name="INSTALL"/>
      <file role="doc" name="LICENSE"/>
      <file role="doc" name=""/>
      <file role="doc" name="TODO"/>
      <file role="doc" name="libev/LICENSE"/>
      <file role="doc" name="libev/README"/>
      <file role="src" name="check.c"/>
      <file role="src" name="child.c"/>
      <file role="src" name="common.h"/>
      <file role="src" name="config.m4"/>
      <file role="src" name="embed.c"/>
      <file role="src" name="embed.h"/>
      <file role="src" name="ev.c"/>
      <file role="src" name="fe.c"/>
      <file role="src" name="fe.h"/>
      <file role="src" name="fork.c"/>
      <file role="src" name="idle.c"/>
      <file role="src" name="io.c"/>
      <file role="src" name="libev"/>
      <file role="src" name="loop.c"/>
      <file role="src" name="macros.h"/>
      <file role="src" name="package.xml"/>
      <file role="src" name="pe.c"/>
      <file role="src" name="periodic.c"/>
      <file role="src" name="php_ev.h"/>
      <file role="src" name="prepare.c"/>
      <file role="src" name="priv.h"/>
      <file role="src" name=""/>
      <file role="src" name="signal.c"/>
      <file role="src" name="stat.c"/>
      <file role="src" name="timer.c"/>
      <file role="src" name="types.h"/>
      <file role="src" name="util.c"/>
      <file role="src" name="util.h"/>
      <file role="src" name="watcher.c"/>
      <file role="src" name="watcher.h"/>
      <dir name="tests">
        <file role="src" name="01_load.phpt"/>
        <file role="src" name="02_ev_construct_variation.phpt"/>
        <file role="src" name="03_ev_loop_props.phpt"/>
        <file role="src" name="05_timer.phpt"/>
        <file role="src" name="06_keepalive.phpt"/>
        <file role="src" name="07_stat.phpt"/>
        <file role="src" name="08_priority.phpt"/>
      <dir name="libev">
        <file role="src" name="ev.c"/>
        <file role="src" name="ev.h"/>
        <file role="src" name="ev_epoll.c"/>
        <file role="src" name="ev_kqueue.c"/>
        <file role="src" name="ev_poll.c"/>
        <file role="src" name="ev_port.c"/>
        <file role="src" name="ev_select.c"/>
        <file role="src" name="ev_vars.h"/>
        <file role="src" name="ev_wrap.h"/>
        <file role="src" name="event.c"/>
        <file role="src" name="event.h"/>
        <file role="src" name="event_compat.h"/>
        <file role="src" name="libev.m4"/>
    <configureoption default="no" name="enable-ev-debug" prompt="Enable internal debugging in Ev"/>
    <configureoption default="yes" name="enable-ev-libevent-api" prompt="Enable libevent compatibility API support in Ev"/>
    <configureoption default="yes" name="enable-ev-sockets" prompt="Enable sockets support in Ev"/>
    <license uri="">PHP</license>
    Initial release
<!-- vim: set et sts=2 ts=2 sw=2 fdm=marker: -->
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