Ruslan Osmanov avatar Ruslan Osmanov committed 37ad7dc

Fix: make php 5.5.0-compatible

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 /* {{{ get_property_ptr_ptr */
-#if PHP_VERSION_ID >= 50600
+#if PHP_VERSION_ID >= 50500
 static zval **get_property_ptr_ptr(zval *object, zval *member, int type, const zend_literal *key TSRMLS_DC)
 static zval **get_property_ptr_ptr(zval *object, zval *member, const zend_literal *key TSRMLS_DC)
 	if (ret == FAILURE) {
-#if PHP_VERSION_ID >= 50600
+#if PHP_VERSION_ID >= 50500
 		retval = zend_get_std_object_handlers()->get_property_ptr_ptr(object, member, type, key TSRMLS_CC);
 		retval = zend_get_std_object_handlers()->get_property_ptr_ptr(object, member, key TSRMLS_CC);
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