Ruslan Osmanov avatar Ruslan Osmanov committed 5723f61

Add: get_gc handler

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 /* }}} */
+static HashTable *get_gc(zval *object, zval ***table, int *n TSRMLS_DC)
+	*table = NULL;
+	*n = 0;
+	return zend_std_get_properties(object TSRMLS_CC);
 #define PHP_EVENT_ADD_CLASS_PROPERTIES(a, b)                                           \
 {                                                                                      \
     int i = 0;                                                                         \
 	object_handlers.get_properties       = get_properties;
+	object_handlers.get_gc               = get_gc;
 	zend_hash_init(&classes, 8, NULL, NULL, 1);
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