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Ruslan Osmanov
Fix: pecl packager failed to determine location of common.h
Ruslan Osmanov
Add: EventBufferEvent::$priority property Fix: event and bevent free methods
Ruslan Osmanov
Fix package, bump version
Ruslan Osmanov
Fix: package.xml changelog Change: version 1.0.0-devel
Ruslan Osmanov
Add: event_reinit Fix:package.xml
Ruslan Osmanov
Fix: misc segfaults, missing list refcount increments etc. Add: bufferevent_socket_connect_hostname, bufferevent_get_input, bufferevent_get_output, evbuffer_new, evbuffer_free, evbuffer_freeze, evbuffer_get_length, evbuffer_lock, evbuffer_unlock, evbuffer_enable_locking, evbuffer_add, evbuffer_remove Change: renamed event_dns_* to evdns_* Add: some examples(dir) Change: release/api versions marked devel
Ruslan Osmanov
Initial commit
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