pecl-event / classes / http_connection.c

Author Commit Message Date Builds
Anatol Belski
very basic windows support
Remi Collet
fix build warning [-Wmaybe-uninitialized]
Ruslan Osmanov
Add: EventHttpConnection::setCloseCallback Renamed EventHttpRequest::getEventBufferEvent to EventHttpRequest::getBufferEvent Renamed EventHttpRequest::getEventHttpConnection to EventHttpRequest::getConnection Fix: missing check for pointer returned by evhttp_request_get_connection in EventHttpRequest::closeConnection() Add: examples/http_closecb.php - example of handling closed connections
Ruslan Osmanov
Fix: classes/buffer_event.c: possible memory access violation in bufferevent callback Add: EventHttp methods setMaxBodySize, setMaxHeadersSize, setTimeout, addServerAlias, removeServerAlias Change: make EventDnsBase parameter optional in EventHttpConnection::__construct Add: EventHttpConnection::makeRequest Add: EventHttpRequest, callback and custom data can be now bound to the request for future uses with EventHttpConnection
Ruslan Osmanov
Add: EventBufferEvent::$priority property Fix: event and bevent free methods
Ruslan Osmanov
Refact: separate dirs for classes and the main ext source Change: moved global EVENT_* constants to corresponding classes