HTTP Upgrade support

Issue #33 on hold
Grzegorz Zdanowski created an issue

In order to implement higher-level protocols, like RFC 6455 (WebSocket v13), support for detaching socket from HTTP server would be very useful.

HTTP permits changing protocols to virtually anything, so ability to get EventBufferEvent from EventHttpRequest and free all resources from HTTP routines giving all the control over the connection to the app would provide a lot of new possibilities.

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  1. Ruslan Osmanov repo owner

    It is the limitation of Libevent's HTTP API. As I mentioned above, you can try to use EventHttpRequest::getBufferEvent method. But I don't think it will help you much.

    For the custom protocol features, I would rather implement the HTTP API using raw buffer events.

    I'll gladly update the extension with Libevent features, when they bring them into the upstream.


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