pecl-event problem

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ayamzh created an issue

i use pecl install event to build this extetion,but when i start the fpm,it show this error:

PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library '/usr/lib/php7/modules/' - Error relocating /usr/lib/php7/modules/ bufferevent_openssl_get_allow_dirty_shutdown: symbol not found in Unknown on line 0

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  1. Ruslan Osmanov repo owner

    bufferevent_openssl_get_allow_dirty_shutdown function is introduced in Libevent version 2.1.1-alpha. The extension's code has special compile-time checks for this case. So I guess your PHP-FPM environment loads another version of libevent library.

    Check if event works in command line interface. Make sure that the PHP-FPM environment uses the same version of libevent as the one used for building the ext in command line. Look at the shared object dependencies with the following command:

    ldd '/usr/lib/php7/modules/'

    Note that event extension is designed primarily for CLI, even if you manage to run it in other SAPIs.

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