pecl-event / tests / 04-bevent-socket.phpt

Check for event_buffer sockets 
$base = event_base_new();
$bev = bufferevent_socket_new($base, NULL, EVENT_BEV_OPT_CLOSE_ON_FREE);

if (! bufferevent_socket_connect($bev, "", TRUE)) {
	exit("event_buffer_socket_connect failed\n");

bufferevent_setcb($bev, NULL, NULL, function ($bev, $events, $data) {
		/* We're connected to   Ordinarily we'd do
		something here, like start reading or writing. */
		echo "Connected\n";
	} elseif ($events & EVENT_BEV_EVENT_ERROR) {
		exit("EVENT_BEV_EVENT_ERROR error occured\n");
}, "data");

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